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About us

U R Safe: The One-stop shop for the safety of the whole family!

Our company was established in 2011.  After extensive market research we gathered an assortment of safety, and care products for the whole family: babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, adults and elderly.

The idea started out when as founders of the company we had a very "unpleasant" experience:  in 2008 we lost our daughter (2.5 years old at the time) in a shopping mall, who decided to explore the world on her own.  Thankfully it was only for a few minutes, which felt like an eternity!  She had walked in the store next door, an employee saw her and immediatelly tried to locate her parents.  We were just outside at the moment, so she was back in our arms in no time.  AFter sharing our experience with friends, we found out that almost every parent had a similar experience to share. 

So we decided to find innovative solutions, with products that would protect our loved ones from the daily dangers we encounter.  And there are so many, we do not even realize.  We will provide you with information and solutions to problems and dangers you have not even imagined they existed.  And of course preventing a problem is always safer than trying to solve it.

During our research we discovered that our parents are just as volatile to dangers as are our children.  Many of them live on their own, without any help available in case of trouble, danger, or a health emergency.  The daily Silver Alert announcements made us realize that even a simple walk in the park, or around the corner for a bottle of milk or their newspaper can create problems.  

But even we have to feel safe in the hostile environment we encounter in the big inhospitable cities.  For this reason we decied to extend our range of products to cover our needs too.  We all need safety and protection.  We have partnered up with leading brands from the US, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa, top provide a complete range of products, that will cover all our needs and the needs of our loved ones.

U R Safe:  Safety and protection solutions for all ages.